Project Description


Technical data and pictures


Pd6300 is An Gasoline Earth Auger Drill From Nakayama Pro Series.

  • Robust Two – People Earth Auger Drill.
  • For A Variety Of Tasks From Drilling Simple Holes In The Ground To Taking Soil Samples

*Powerhead Only Supplied, Auger Bits Available Separately.

Technical Data

  • Displacement
  • Power
  • Fuel tank capacity
  • Transmission
  • Auger Bits Size
  • Article No
  • EAN Code


  • 62cc
  • 3.4hp
  • 1200ml
  • Worm gear & shaft design
  • 10-30cm
  • 027997
  • 5205909027997

*Fuel Mixture: Add 25ml of 2T mixture oil for every 1Lt of  unleaded 95RON gasoline. 

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