BL3300 is a Gasoline Blower From NAKAYAMA PRO

Powerful 2T, air cooled engine with Euro 5 Emission Standard for lower fuel consumption and minimal exhaust gases, this leaf blower offers three different functions; not only blows leaves and flowerbeds efficiently, but is also a vacuum capable to collect debris knives for better cleanings. When on the vacuum function, the built-in mulching knives help reduce waste and increase bag capacity. Ergonomically designed with a soft grip and lightweight design to minimize fatique and reduce load.

  • 3 Functions: Blower/Suction/Shredder
  • Fuel Tank Volume:650ml
  • Minimum Fuel Consumption 600g/ kW⋅h
  • Net Weight:4.1kg (Single Blow),5.0kgs(With Suction)
  • Any Position Locking Switch

Technical Data

  • Engine
  • Displacement
  • Power
  • Max air volume
  • Weight
  • Article No
  • EAN Code


  • 2T, air cooled, single cylinder
  • 22.5 cc
  • 0.94hp(0.7kw)
  • 0.13m³/s
  • 5.0Kg
  • 030225
  • 5205909030225

*Fuel Mixture: Add 30ml of 2T mixture oil for every 1Lt of  unleaded 95RON gasoline. 

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